WATCH: Viral na “chakang” bridal gown, nakarating kay Raffy Tulfo! Designer, nagmatigas!

Aside from being a sacred ceremony, a wedding is the most anticipated event in every woman’s life and every lady dreams of having a perfect wedding from smallest to the biggest detail of this special occasion.

But one bride suffered a huge emotional stress after the wedding gown that is supposed to make her feel beautiful on her special day came out as a disaster.

Mhayo Arguelles first took her frustration on her wedding gown on social media lambasting the designer Dimple Aquino. She narrated that she was not able to wear the horrible gown which cost P30,000 since it is not presentable enough to be worn, good thing her friends made an effort so she could wear a decent gown on her special day.

Through the help of netizens, Mhayo’s problem reached the attention of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo who immediately took action.

Upon seeing the gown worn by Mhayo during her TV guesting at Tulfo’s show, the broadcaster could not help but feel awful and disgusted by the horrible design and fit.

When the program reached out to the designer, he insisted that Mhayo approved the design and is even complaining about the P8,000 remaining balance since Mhayo only paid her P22,000.

Tulfo also insisted that since the customer is not satisfied with the result, Dimple should still refund the huge portion of the amount she paid for. But Dimple is still persistent that she did her part as a designer.

The program also contacted Muntinlupa City’s Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) Inspector Marlon Mendoza who revealed that Dimple’s gown shop does not have any business permit.

Tulfo then threatened Dimple to order the closure of her business if he will not agree to settle the refund for the victim.



Watch the full story below:



Source: News 5

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