Pagtatalo ng magkatrabaho sa bayad na trenta pesos, nauwi sa suntukan!

Misunderstanding is just normal in any kinds of relationship; we have all experienced having an argument with our partners, relatives, friends, or even co-workers. Some misunderstanding may lead both parties to become a better person while others, unfortunately, ended a relationship bitterly.

Sadly, these misunderstanding get worst most especially if there is money involved. Just like what happened to these two workmates who ended up in a brawl after having an argument involving a small amount of money.

The two Davaeños were caught on camera having a fist-fight in the middle of Quimpo Boulevard in Davao City on a Thursday morning.

According to witnesses, the brawl began when the two unidentified men had a misunderstanding regarding the division of money that was paid to them for doing a stencil service in one emission center.

In the 2-minute video captured by one of the witnesses, other people could be seen trying to stop them from having a brutal fight but did not hold back their anger.

The two men just calmed down and became at peace when a police officer approached the area. However, one witness said that when the two men saw each other again in the afternoon, they once again engaged in a brawl.

“Nagsuntukan sila ng dalawang beses. Una sa umaga at nasundan ulit nung hapon nang magkita sila ulit,” Alvin Moceda, one of the witnesses said.

Meanwhile, one emission center worker revealed that one of the brutal men got furious when the other co-worker did not give him a fair share with the P30 stencil that was paid for their service.

“Ang ibinigay na bayad ay P30, pero ang ibinigay lamang sa kaniya ay P5 kaya sila nagkainitan,” Joel Bintayao said.

Click this link to watch the video of their brawl.






Source: ABS-CBN News

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