WATCH: Raffy Tulfo, nasermonan ang mga OFW na nagpapauto sa mga manloloko sa social media

When you got fooled by someone the last thing you want to hear is to be blamed with your own mistakes, but sometimes, you really have to hear the awful truth to be able to realize that you are the only one responsible for your own mistake and decisions.

It might not sound nice, but veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo lectured an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who seeks his help in order to retrieve all the money she gave to her boyfriend whom she only met on social media.

According to Saudi Arabia-based OFW Jenny Francisco, he met Danilo Nieto through her fellow-OFW and started conversing on social media.

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Although they have met each other in person, Danilo immediately won the trust of Jenny after the former suggested to help her renovate their house so Jenny could stay there once she went back to the Philippines for vacation.

Blinded by love, Jenny wholeheartedly sends money to Danilo on a monthly basis. But after a few months, Jenny asked about the house’s progress and the money Danilo said he is saving up in the bank, Danilo suddenly said it is all gone.

“Tumawag po ako, ang lakas ng tawa niya ang sabi niya ‘wala ng pera mo, naloko kita, pine-perahan kang kita!’” Jenny narrated.

When the program contacted Danilo, he said that he never demanded Jenny to send her money, instead, the latter voluntarily gave it to him.

Tulfo could not help but lecture Jenny and the rest of the OFWs to be careful in sending money to people they just met on social media because this has been an ongoing modus to take advantage of the weaknesses of Filipinos working abroad who are sad and longing for their family.

“Hindi dapat kayo nagpapadala ng perang pinaghihirapan niyo sa mga taong hindi niyo pa kilala at nakilala niyo lamang sa Facebook at ginagamitan lang kayo ng matatamis na pananalita,” Tulfo said.

“Madalas konting bola-bola lang sa Facebook, pinapadala niyo na agad lahat-lahat ng pera niyo, lahat ng kabuhayan niyo binibigay niyo na agad sa halip na pinapadala niyo sa pamilya niyo,” he added.




Watch the full story below:



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