WATCH: OFW nanawagan ma-rescue mula sa among bukod sa nananakit ay di pa siya pinapakain!

Although the government is thoroughly working out on rescuing each and every distressed Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) abroad, their efforts are still not enough to accommodate every single worker suffering at the hands of their abusive employers.

Good thing veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo and his show are always willing to extend a helping hand and ready to move mountains in order to save an OFW’s life.

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Just like this Riyadh-based OFW who seeks the help of Tulfo for her immediate rescue from her abusive employer who is not just subjecting her to physical abuse but also treating her unfairly.

Jovelyn Baguno-Mauyao – a dometic helper in Riyadh sent a video message to Raffy Tulfo In Action’s official Facebook page pleading for her immediate rescue.

“Sir Tulfo tulungan niyo po ako, binugbog po ako ang amo ko. Nag-away po kami, sinabunutan niya po ako, sinuntok niya po yung likod ko pati ulo kop o sinuntok niya tapos kinalmot-kalmot niya po yung muka ko,” Jovelyn said.

“Dati po hindi naman po siya ganiyan, kasalanan po yan ng totoo kong amo. Kasi hindi namn po yan ang totoo kong amo, ang totoo ko pong amo yung kapatid niya,” she added.

It turns out that her original employer sold her to her sibling and the latter is the one abusing her and not even feeding her in a day.

The program tried contacting Jovelyn but they discovered that the OFW’s employer already confiscated her mobile phone, the program also discovered that Jovelyn’s employment agency is currently suspended to operate.

Because of this, Tulfo already seeks the help of Ms. Marissa Cruz of Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) who vowed for Jovelyn’s immediate rescue.



Watch the full story below:



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