Blas Ople Center, pinapa-blacklist ang Kuwaiti influencer na tahasang binatikos ang mga benepisyo ng OFW

Blacklisted and should never have a Filipino employee again – this is the request made by Blas F. Ople Policy Center to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) towards Kuwaiti social media influencer Sandos al-Qattan.

Blas Ople center is a non-government organization which aids to the needs and issues of OFWs all over the world. In a statement, center head Susan Ople said that they requested the POEA to ban al-Qattan from employing a Filipino domestic helper ever again.

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Ople said that al-Qattan shows “the ugly face of modern-day slavery and should be included in the POEA’s blacklist of abusive and undesirable foreign employers.”

“By her words, publicly uttered and shared through social media, her undesirability as a foreign employer, cannot be denied. She is not worthy to be even in the same room as our valiant and hardworking OFWs,” Ople added.

It could be recalled that al-Qattan drew flak from netizens after she publicly expressed her disgust over the new Kuwaiti law which allows Filipino domestic helpers to have at least one day off per week and gives them a right to keep their passport instead of surrendering it to their employers.

“But how can you have a ‘servant’ in your house who gets to keep their passports with them? If they ran away and went back to their country, who’ll refund me? And what’s worse is that they have one day off every week?” al-Qattan said in Arabic language.

Under the bilateral labor agreement between the Philippines and Kuwait, any employer who refuses to follow the provisions will be immediately blacklisted.

Meanwhile, Blas Ople Center also said that they are already calling out other countries sending domestic helpers in Kuwait to also blacklist al-Qattan and put her under their list of undesirable employers.



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Source: GMA News

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