WATCH: Sikat na Emirati vlogger, sinupalpal ang Kuwaiti influencer na nagrereklamo sa day-off at iba pang benepisyo ng OFW

Ridiculous – this is how Kuwaiti social media vlogger Khalid Al Ameri described the reaction of social media influencer Sandos Al Qattan against the new law protecting Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in Kuwait.

In the 3-minute video clip uploaded on his official Facebook page, the Emirati vlogger slammed Sandos for publicly condemning the new policy which is beneficial for OFWs especially those working as domestic helpers.

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In the video, Khalid expressed his disappointment on Sandos and answered the two points she is complaining about, the right of the OFW to have at least one day off per week and the right for them to keep their passport.

“I’ll start with a question, how would you feel if you work for someone that didn’t only not give you the day off, but disagree with the very ideology that you deserve a day off,” Al Ameri said citing that all the jobs in the world, even those who work in the military or security service are given a time to take a rest.

“I mean we are not robots, at the end of the day we are all humans and expect to have time to rest and time for ourselves,” he added.

Al Ameri said that if he will get the chance to work for Sandos, he will probably run away from her as well due to the latter’s belief that domestic helpers should be treated as slaves.

“After listening to your rant, If I work for you… I would run so far away the CIA won’t able to find me I will dig a hole so deep that you wouldn’t able to smell my scent, you wouldn’t hear me breathe… I’ll disappear, I would cease to exist,” he explained.

“I will never show my face in this world again, out of fear that you might find me, and you might ask me to work for you again,” he added.

It could be recalled that Sandos drew flak on social media after criticizing the new law giving benefits to Filipino workers and said that she will never employe a Filipino helper again.

At the end of his video, Al Ameri expressed gratitude to all Filipino domestic helpers around the world who makes each household life easier.

“In behalf of my country, in behalf of my family, I wanna thanks every single domestic worker in this part of the world for helping us and being a part of our family,” Al Ameri said.

Watch his full statement below:


Someone tagged me in a video of a celebrity complaining about new labor laws that protect the rights of domestic workers in Kuwait, namely that they should be given a day off and that they should hold their passports at all times.Watching that video made me pretty upset and I hate that I still have to make videos about topics like this in 2018, here are my thoughts…Music: Flow by Fredji

Posted by Khalid Al Ameri on Saturday, July 21, 2018






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