WATCH: Aroganteng taxi driver, huli ang hindi kaaya-ayang pagtrato sa mga pasahero!

Taxi drivers demanding for fix rate instead of following their fare meter has been an ongoing problem in the Philippines, this is the very reason why commuters opt to avail the services of Uber and Grab as their means of transportation.

On top of that, rude taxi drivers who do not treat their passengers well are also everywhere. Just like the experience of this netizen who encounter not just an arrogant driver, but also disrespectful to his passengers.

Facebook user Stein Tepace Manuel narrated her horrible experience after boarding the vehicle of a taxi with plate number PQM-371 last July 19, 2018.

According to Stein, she together with her sister and 4-years-old daughter hopped the taxi around 6 in the evening along Shopwise Cubao, initially the driver asked for additional P100 of the taxi meter rate, since there is a heavy downpour that time they gladly accepted the driver’s request.

But after a few minutes off their journey, Stein’s daughter felt a little dizzy so they requested the driver to open the car window so she could get fresh air.

That is when the driver started acting hysterically and arguing rudely against them, Sabi ng driver “yan na nga ba ang sinasabi ko eh, kanina nung nakita ko kayong may bata parang ayaw ko kayong pasakayin, buong araw sa byahe ko ngayon wala akong sinakay na bata’,” she narrated quoting the taxi driver.

“Wala kahit na anong bahid ng suka ng anak ko yung taxi nya pero paulit ulit parin sya sa kakadakdak nya nang kung ano ano na tumataas na ung boses nya at nagmura na,” she added.

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Stein added that the driver’s attitude frightened them as well as her 4-year-old daughter. In the middle of their argument, the rude driver even demanded them to hop off the vehicle even if it is raining.

To prove her claim, Stein uploaded a video of their conversation showing how bad the taxi driver treated them.




Watch the video below and be the judge:

Posted by Stein Tepace Manuel on Thursday, July 19, 2018


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