Isang batikang mamamahayag sa Australia, tinawag na “bullsh*t” ang inasal ng mga kapwa-Australyano sa naganap na engkwentro sa FIBA

Much has already been said after the controversial brawl between Filipino and Australian players at the FIBA World Cup Asian Qualifiers; there are Filipinos who defended the national team and there are also some who are ashamed of the actions of their own countrymen.

Looking at the photos and edited videos, it will initially look like the Filipino players are the ones at fault why things escalated quickly between two teams. But one award-winning Australian journalist thinks the other way around.

In his article at, journalist Chris Graham described the Australians playing the victim on the incident as “bullsh*t”.

“The commentary in Australia is overwhelmingly that we were the victims in the fracas. I don’t think it’s stretching the imagination to think that the rest of the world won’t be so sympathetic, in large part because there’s these things called ‘television cameras’, ‘slow motion replay’ and ‘simple common sense’, which, when applied, will leave the viewer in no real doubt about who the bad guys are,” Graham wrote.

“Long story short, it’s us,” he added.

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Referring to the 18-minute video clip of the controversial brawl, Graham explained how Australian player Daniel Kickert played dirty by unleashing a “flying elbow” to a Filipino player which is a clear offensive foul.

“After assaulting at least two other Filipino players, and then turning and running as he’s chased across the court, Kickert manages to escape to the safety of some officials, but not before turning and dancing and gesturing at the Filipino players to come and have another go,” he said.

Graham also criticized the way the Australian commentator reported the brawl as he witnesses a brawl in front of him and clearly focusing his eyes only on the Filipino players.

“Australia already has an international reputation as a pretty bad sporting nation. Bad in the sense of our behavior. This latest incident doesn’t do much to dissuade the world of that notion. More importantly, it looks like we’ll miss another opportunity internally to have a reasonable discussion about the behavior of our sporting icons,” Graham added.


You may read his full article here.



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