WATCH: Agency na ayaw panagutan ang garbage collector nilang naaksidente sa trabaho, sinumbong kay Raffy Tulfo!

Accidents could not be avoided by working in a hazardous environment, however, it is the company’s responsibility to shoulder and take charge of all the accidents that might happen within their working premise.

Just like what happened to garbage collector Rinnie Bolon who was involved in an accident while on duty. According to his wife, Irene Bolong who weeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo, Rinnie’s employment agency only gave them P900 financial assistance and paid for the victim’s CT scan instead of helping them with all the medical expenses.

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Irene said that Rinnie has been at East Avenue Hospital since May 15, 2018, he has undergone an operation but still could barely move. Until now they could not be discharged since they lack finances to pay for their hospital bill.

The wife also revealed that she and Rinnie’s employment agency had an agreement at Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) that the agency will assist them and pay for all the expenses so that she will not file a labor case against them, but until now the agency is not giving any financial help.

Because of this, Tulfo called Employee Compensation Commission’s Director Stella Banawis who suggests that they can have Rinnie under their program wherein his daily work rate will be reimbursed while he is still under recovery.

At the same time, the ECC will also shoulder Rinnie’s daily medical expenses and will provide a livelihood program for Irene where she could generate income while the family’s patriarch could not go to work.


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