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WATCH: Matapat na taxi driver, nagsauli ng maletang may lamang tumataginting na 2-milyong piso!

Have you ever touch or see a huge cash stash amounting to 2-million in peso or in a different currency? What would you do if stumble upon this huge amount of money out of nowhere? Well, for some, they might probably think about almost winning the lottery and immediately splurge on the huge amount of case, but not it the case of honest taxi driver Eduardo Matusalem.

On the night of January 13, 2018, Eduardo noticed that a passenger left a suitcase in the backseat of his vehicle. But since he does not have contact to any of his passengers, he decided to turn it over to veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo’s radio program in the homes to locate the rightful owner of the suitcase.


But since it was late already, he didn’t make it to the radio station’s office hours, so he decided to just park nearby and spend the night near the radio station. The following day, he finally was able to turn it over to Tulfo’s staff, but when they opened to check it, a huge surprise welcomed them.

It turned out that the suitcase contains 240,000 Yuan or about 2,001,766.63 pesos in cold cash! Whoa!

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With the help of the IDs found inside the suitcase, the program located the suitcase owner identified as Junyi Tao, a Chinese National.

During the radio program, the honest taxi driver and suitcase owner had met again for the second time, but this time, Junyi could not help but hug Eduardo to express his gratitude for returning his suitcase with such a huge amount.

According to Junyi, he never expected to get the money or the suitcase back. He tried reporting the incident to the police but unfortunately, the nearest CCTV in the area where he dropped off is broken.

Because of his honesty, Junyi gave Eduardo P10,000 reward and sign of his gratitude and even invited him and his family a sumptuous dinner.

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Watch the full story below:


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