WATCH: Condo owners inireklamo ang admin na biglang nagpatupad ng “no pets allowed” policy

Filipinos are known pet lovers to the point that we treat our pets like one of our family members that is why when they got hurt, we immediately take action as they are very dear to us.

Filipinos love for pets know no boundaries, from pure breed down to stray dogs, we all have that soft spot for pets and even treat them like our own child.

A group of condominium unit owners in Pasig City seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about the developer of the unit they bought for suddenly implementing a “no pets allowed” even if they were informed that it is a pet-friendly community.

According to the group, before buying the unit their respective property agents told them that the place will be pet-friendly since there is a provision for pet zone in the community. However, upon settling their down payment, the condominium admin showed them the house rules stating “no pets allowed.”

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But since they have already moved in, the agents just advised them to hide the pets inside in the meantime while the discussion on house rules is still ongoing.

In order to make a win-win solution for both unit owners and the developer, the pet owners made a resolution which was agreed by both pet and non-pet owner residents. Some of the provision includes not letting pets use the building elevator, will not let them roam in playground intended for kids and they also proposed strict penalties if pet-owners violated such resolution.

They sent it last April 2018 but until now they haven’t received any feedback from the condominium’s admin.

Because of this, Tulfo encouraged the referred the group to Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) to file a formal complaint against the developer.



Watch the full story below:


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