WATCH: OFW na niloko ng tomboy na kasintahan, nagpasaklolo kay Idol Raffy para mabawi ang pera at cellphone!

When we are in a relationship, we tend to lay plans thinking that we will still end up with the same person in the future. Aside from investing feelings, we also invest in real money to save up for future plans like traveling together, funding a business, buying your own house and more. But sometimes, due to unforeseen events, these plans will never come true.

Just like what happened to Saudi Arabia-based Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Maria Freda Gilbuena who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in order to get back the money and gadgets she gave to her lesbian live-in partner.

According to Wilma Bagno, the OFW’s sister and representative, Maria and her ex Sarah Lindongan has plans of putting up a business, buying their own house, and fly to Dubai to work together.

However, Sarah cheated on her sister leading for them to break up. When Maria is already demanding to see the bank account details of the money she saved up and entrusted to Sarah, the latter is refusing to show it.

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When the program called Sarah, she admitted being at fault on why their relationship has come to end. She also admitted to having spent some amount in Maria’s savings but promised to pay it as soon as she was able to secure a job.

She revealed that as of now, the bank account has a total of P70,000 savings as she was able to spend the P30,000 for her own needs.

When the program called Maria, she could not help but get emotional while lambasting Sarah with all her sacrifices just to make her happy. She also demanded Sarah give back the smartphone she gave to her.

Sarah agreed to give back all the money and gadget through Wilma. Because of this, Tulfo also advised Maria and all the OFW to save up their money and let their family keep it instead of giving it to their partners.

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Watch the full story below:

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