WATCH: Improper labor practice ng isang agency, sinumbong ng mga manggagawa kay Raffy Tulfo!

A group of factory workers seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about the improper labor practice of the employment agency and the company they are working for.

According to the complainants namely Myleen Flores, Shiela Pulvida, and Daisy Noval, the agency and company are letting them work for 12 hours with a compensation of P455 per day. They are not entitled to any overtime pay and on top of that, they do not have a day off.

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In order to gain overtime pay, the workers have to accompany their truck that is traveling for delivery in Valenzuela, so instead of being a full-time factory worker, they somehow function as porter at the same time.

One of the complainants also revealed that the agency recently put her one week worth of salary on hold simply because she failed to submit her time card on time.

When the program contacted RBM Agency’s consultant, Mr. Roque Ramenez, he vowed to investigate on the workers’ claims of improper labor practice.

Ramanez suggested Tulfo give the workers a referral letter, but Tulfo slammed him and said that there is no need for a referral letter, but his team will just accompany the workers on the same day so they can also claim the one week worth of salary that was not released on time.


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