WATCH: PO1 sibak dahil pumalag sa isang General!


Po1 Reynaldo Lim asks for assistance from Erwin Tulfo for the second time when he was kicked out from work because of a General. As Erwin said Lim already asked his help before together with his co-policemen about the issue on his salary deduction from the loan sharks.

Lim said that while the issue of loan sharks in Camp Crame is still ongoing they are trying to fix the issue with it.

He was actively working that day when he received a call from their admin office from Rodriguez Rizal.

He was ordered to be dismissed immediately from work because of the said issue on loan sharks effective.


Erwin then asked Lim what is the reason on the filed ordered of dismissal. Lim said that the reason behind it is because of a criminal case that was filed before because of a family property.


Lim also added that the criminal case that was filed to him was already dismissed by the court long way back and he already has the proof that it was received by PNP to go along with it.


Erwin then asked if the said proof of dismissal is submitted to Crame and Lim said it was.

Erwin said that Lim was just unlucky because the General of finance who they are actually had complaints before was transferred to the Personnel department of which he can actually dismiss anyone at any time whenever he likes.


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Erwin also said that Lim has all the documents needed regarding his criminal case but it seems like the General didn’t even bother to check it.

Erwin also added that because Lim was very vocal regarding the loan sharks issue he was just actually put on the spot and directly dismissed by the General.

In the end, Erwin got the help of Sec. Christopher “Bong” Go regarding the issue and said that he will be open to anyone that is helpless because of being vocal to some issues that involve higher officials of PNP.

To know the full story watch the entire video below:

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