WATCH: Manyak na manager, nakatikim sa Kilos-Pronto!

An Officer in Charge of a fast food chain tasted first hand how to be on the receiving end of a Tulfo barrage.

It started with a complaint coming from a new hire manager, Chloe Pampanga. Chloe went to Kilos Pronto hosted by Alex Santos, Ben Tulfo, and Erwin Tulfo. She is asking for assistance because her  OIC Manager, Jaylord Semana sexually abused her and spread fake news against her. Though Jaylord was already punished by their office, She is still worried that she might suffer the consequences of her actions since Jaylord is now back with her in the office.

According to Chloe, everything started with a joke that Jaylord has a crush on her. However, the time comes that Jaylord is already touching her and smelling her hair.

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Worse is that he spread fake news that he and Chloe are having sex. The problem got bigger when Jaylord’s girlfriend heard the fake news, she assaulted Chloe verbally.

Kilos Pronto contacted Jaylord about the incident, however, Jaylord is speaking technicalities and refused to answer accordingly.

So Erwin and the gang decided to call Department of Labor to check what are their options.

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Luckily, DOLE said that they could file criminal charges against Jaylord. So the gang decided to call the Police and asked assistance because they will bring Chloe to the on the following day.

Chloe is thankful for the assistance of the Kilos Pronto Gang.

On the studio, the three cant hide their disappointment. Erwin even brought out his baseball bat while Ben has his fly swatter and Alex has his mosquito spray.








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