Duterte isang “extraordinarily effective” na lider ayon kay BBC anchor Stepher Sackur

The most recent interview of former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno with BBC HardTalk host Stephen Sackur became an instant hot topic on social media making netizens assume that the BBC host is one of the toughest and challenging interviewers of this generation.

Aside from the nerve-wracking questions and points Sackur throws at Sereno, netizens also noticed how the foreign journalist is fond of President Rodrigo Duterte without being biased and merely stating facts.

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One of the statements most commended by netizens is when Sackur noted that Duterte could be considered one of the most popular leaders in a democratic country.

“The most recent survey and opinion in the Philippines have Rodrigo Duterte with a satisfaction rating of +70, it truly extraordinary figures, he must be the most popular politician in all of the so-called democratic world,” Sackur said.

“As far as I can see, are you not aware, that the vast majority of the Filipinos seems to actually support his tough security crackdown on the drugs and criminals, they seem to his efforts to bring peace in Mindanao, they seem to support his economic policies delivered last year almost seven percent growth,” he added.

Sackur also emphasized that despite President Duterte’s unconventional leadership style, he has attained the popularity and respect of the public that no other leader was able to achieve.

“This is a man (Duterte), who is – in political terms – extraordinarily effective,” he said.

Sereno even tried to oppose Sackur’s praises on President Duterte by saying that despite his popularity, the public should understand that the constitution should also be respected and the people should be vigilant on Duterte’s actions.

To which Sackur responded pointing out that despite all the criticisms are thrown at Duterte, Philippine’s relationship with other foreign countries remain solid.

Watch Sackur’s statement below:

BBC's Stephen Sackur: Duterte is a man who is extraordinarily effective

"This is a man (Duterte), whois – in political terms – extraordinarily effective."

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