WATCH: Ex-CJ Sereno, nagisa ng husto sa “Hard Talk” interview kay BBC anchor Stephen Sackur

Who could ever forget the very awkward interview of opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV with famous BBC broadcaster Stephen Sackur? All critics of Trillanes especially the majority of the netizens had a good laugh watching the 23-minute “Hard Talk” interview with President Rodrigo Duterte’s number one critic.

Recently, ousted Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno was also put on the hot seat at Sackur’s program wherein the former Chief Justice of the Philippines was interviewed via satellite video.

During the interview, Sackur lambasted Sereno for the way she consistently expresses her political opinion against Duterte’s action when it is likely for a chief justice to be giving comments about political issues.

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“You’re sounding very much like a politician and a die-hard opponent of Rodrigo Duterte than you’re sounding like a chief justice of the Supreme Court,” Sackur told Serano.

Because of this, the news presenter asked if the ousted chief justice is seeking for a political position or aiming to lead the opposition.

“Now, the characterization of my role is something that other people have generously helped themselves to. I am not about to characterize myself as a politician, as an opposition figure,” Sereno replied.

“What I understand is that right now my present role is that there is a voice that must be heard. People are asking me to speak for them and I have said yes. Whether I am retained as chief justice or whether I am removed as chief justice, that mission for justice must continue,” she added.

Sackur also asked if there is any truth to the allegations that Sereno had planned all this things on her way to a Senate seat and eventually the Presidency under the opposition team

“I am not someone who plots and plans these things. I have never been really a someone who has sought a political office even in campus so no, it is far from me to be calculating along that line,” Sereno said.

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Watch the full interview below:

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