WATCH: Paghuli ng MMDA sa isang street vendor, kinagalit ng netizens!

\Social media is such a very powerful tool to disseminate information to people across the globe; with the use of smartphone’s camera we can easily take photos or record certain incidents and upload it on social media to raise awareness by encouraging other users to share and make it viral.

But we should remember that there is always two sides of the story, that not everything we see on social media are true so we should not be quick to judge.

A perfect example would be the post of Facebook user Joevet Aliscad, he uploaded a 1-minute 30-seconder video where it could be seen that several members of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) confiscated a street vendor’s product together with his pushcart.

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In the video, it could be seen that the MMDA stopped the vendor who is pushing his cart loaded with fruits and vegetables in the middle of a busy highway.

Authorities immediately hauled the vendor’s cart together with the items. Joevet felt that this is such a heartless move for MMDA officers and emphasized how these officers lack empathy to small-time vendors who are doing a decent job for a living.

Watch the video and be the judge:

walang awa sa nag hahanap buhay…kunting kita ng tao kinukuha pah… asan yung awa nyo …wala si guro nag lalakad lang habang tinutulak nya yung kariton na punupuno ng paninda nya. para kumita biglang hinintuan ng mmda at kinuha yung kanyang paninda …kawawa naman si kuya panu yung pamilya ng tao maawa nman kayo…

Posted by Joevet Aliscad on Sunday, June 3, 2018

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His post immediately went viral on social media, but thanks to another netizen named Zeus Eleazar, Joevet’s assumption got clarified after Zeus sent the post to MMDA’s official Twitter account.

Based on MMDA’s response, the officers only confiscated the vendor’s cart and eventually returned to him the fruits and vegetables that he could still sell and generate income from.

But despite the clarification, netizens could still not help but get disappointed on what the MMDA did. Most of them said that the MMDA should instead focus on hauling double-parked vehicles which are causing traffic instead of prying on small-time vendors like the ones captured in the video.

Read some of their comments below:




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