WATCH: Mga iresponsableng magulang na inabanduna ang tatlong anak, pina-Tulfo!

Aside from the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing, children also need their parents’ love, care, and presence, especially during their younger years. But sadly, there are lots of irresponsible parents who do not care about the welfare of their children and would prioritize their own interest before the welfare of the kids.

Just like the ordeal of Miss Junalie Caballar, an aunt who took responsibility of taking care of her niece and nephews after the parents of the 3 kids heartlessly abandoned them.

According to Junalie who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo, the kids’ ages 10, 9, and 7 were left under her custody after her brother, Alvin Caballar – the father of the kids went back to Mindanao without further notice and eloped with his mistress.

On the other hand, Lenie Ann Caballar, the kids’ mother is working in Dubai. Junalie said that Lenie is already aware of the kids’ situation and promised to get them, however, when the eldest daughter said that she no longer wants to be with her mother, Lenie said to forget about her and that she will no longer communicate nor support the kids.

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According to the eldest daughter, she does not want to be under her mother’s care since she would often neglect them to the point of leaving them alone at home without any food to eat.

Junalie revealed that since she does not have a job, they experienced eating only a banana for a day since both of the kids’ parents failed to send financial support for their everyday needs.

Junalie also said that she is very much willing to look after the kids if they no longer want to be with their parents.

When the program called Tanza Cavite’s Municipal Social Welfare and Development, they said that they could help Junalie under their self-employment assistance program wherein they could give her a small amount as capital to start-up a small business to be her source of income to support the kids.

Because of her noble act and kind heart, Tulfo could not help but admire Junalie so he also vowed to add funds for her sari-sari store.

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