WATCH: Maganda at masayang pamilya, nawasak sa isang iglap dahil sa pangangaliwa ni mister!

When indifference could no longer be settled, some couple tends to go on separate ways, and when it happens children are the number one affected as no child deserves to have a broken family.

A mother of four seeks the help of veteran public service announcer Raffy Tulfo to complain about her cheating husband and his mother who tolerates his mischief.

According to Surla Bautista, his husband Lito has been cheating for a long time while she was away and working abroad.

But what baffles her is that Lito is even showing off his mistress to his kids and even bringing the girl when he is fetching them in school.

Surla also claimed that her mother-in-law Maria tolerates his son’s cheating and told her to just keep quiet about the affair, but Surla could no longer take it as her children are old enough to know what their father is doing.

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 “Maganda po yung pamilya namin, sinira nung babae!” she said.

The program assisted Surla and the kids to Lola Maria and Lito’s house in the hopes to fix their family, but during the confrontation, Lito decided to end their relationship in front of the kids.

Surla begged him to fix their problem and keep their happy family but Lito stood by his decision and let the mother take the children and promised that he will just send her money for child support.

The emotional confrontation escalated quickly when Lola Maria got hysterical and later on, lost her consciousness as she could not accept what is happening to her son’s family and the fact that her grandchildren will no longer live with her.


In the end, Lito and Surla went on separate life while the children all joined their mother.

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Watch the heartbreaking turn out of events below:

Lola ng mga bata, hinimatay at hindi kinaya ang mangyayari sa kanyang mga apo.

Lola ng mga bata, hinimatay at hindi kinaya ang mangyayari sa kanyang mga apo.#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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