WATCH: Inirereklamong babuyan sa Pangasinan, hindi maipasara-sara dahil sa takot ng mga otoridad sa may-ari na umanoy magkuku….

In the Philippines, witchcraft popularly known as “kulam” has always been deemed as fiction despite the number of circumstances proving that it is real. But would you believe that until this modern time, kulam is still being pra­cticed and still frightens people?

This is the dilemma of a resident who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain a certain piggery in their area that still operates despite the closure order from the municipal Mayor.

According to Thelma Sawi, she has been complaining a certain piggery in Aguilar, Pangasinan since 2016. Mayor Eduardo Ballesteros even served a closure order for the said establishment, but police always fail to implement such order.

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Thelma said that the piggery owner is rumored to be a witch who practices witchcraft that is why authorities are afraid to implement the closure.

She added that Mayor Ballesteros event sent a truck to collect the pigs, but when the police visited the piggery, the pigs were just transferred to a different location but did not totally close the establishment.

When the program contacted Aguilar, Pangasinan Chief Sr. Insp. Rodolfo Santiago, he denied that being afraid of witchcraft and explained that they already transferred all pigs in a different location.

But Thelma insisted that a few days after that operation, the pigs were back in the said piggery and the owner continues its operation.

Because of this, Santiago vowed to check the piggery once again and implement the closure.

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