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Loyalty and faithfulness are very rare nowadays v7 we’ve seen many couple and marriages got broken because the other party resorted to cheating. It’s so easy to give in to temptation but it takes a lot for someone to forgive a cheating partner and accept him/her as a whole again.

This is the one in a billion attitude showcased by one husband who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to help win back his wife who decided to run away with her lover.

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According to Arnel Lagadia, despite his wife Emily’s infidelity, he is willing to forgive and have her back for the sake of love and the welfare of their five children.

When the program called Emily, she explained that to cheat and it all happened when Arnel asked her to leave the house and have no choice but to join her friend Jeff Sanchez who offered his company.

Although Emily denied that she and Jeff are having an affair, she admitted that she met him through chat even before she and Arnel had a fight.

Jeff said that he is aware that Emily is already married with five children and explained that Emily would often treat him as a shoulder to cry on whenever Emily and Arnel are engaging to a fight. He added that he is willing to let Emily go home since they are just friends.

But during the confrontation, Jeff revealed that he loves Emily but willing to let her go. He also apologized to Arnel who forgave them and said he is ready to move on with their lives with Emily as the family’s matriarch.

But before finally leaving each other, Emily and Jeff had their final embrace and kiss in right in front of Arnel.

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