WATCH: Old-school style ng pandurukot ng matandang ito sa jeep, huli sa camera!

Making the world we live in a better place is easier said than done, no matter how we spread positivity and reinforces law; some people would still resort to doing evil things and take advantage of other people.

Thanks to technology innovation and social media, we can now get to see this evil modus operandi from across the world and be extra vigilant with our surrounding.

Just like this incident which was captured on cam and recently went viral on social media where a thief was caught on cam attempting to steal something from his fellow passenger.

In the post of Facebook user Rene Soquiat, he warned netizens to be extra careful with the man in the photo below as he would often ride a public utility jeepney and attempt to steal from the passenger beside him.

Soquiat said that the culprit lurks within the province of Batangas, but he didn’t mention which particular town or municipality. He said that his son also falls victim on the said burglar.

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In the video he posted, the culprit is the middle-aged man wearing maroon polo shirt carrying a black backpack, seated beside him is a female student whose bag is on her lap while reading a book during the entire journey.

As seen in the video, the culprit’s style is to place his backpack on his lap which covers his other hand – the one responsible for the “magic”.

In the 3-minute video clip, it could be seen that the man is slowly slipping his hand under the black bag and trying to reach the pocket of the pink backpack of the female student. You could notice that he is slowly opening the bag’s zipper and trying to get what is inside.

But when he is almost half-way in getting his hands inside and reach for some valuables, the female student moved and finally noticed that her bag is already opened. She refrained from reading and immediately closed her bag, thank God!

Meanwhile, the culprit remained poker face as if nothing happened. Watch the video below and be the judge:

Posted by Rene Soquiat on Saturday, May 12, 2018





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Source: Facebook

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