WATCH: Mga hindi pinapasuweldong driver, humingi ng Tulong kay Raffy tulfo

A group of drivers went to Raffy Tulfo to ask for assistance regarding their salary and Social Security Service premium.

Arvin Venezuela leads the group in complaining about how their employer 3k Stones Marketing handle their salary and benefits.

According to Venezuela, they have delayed salaries since November last year and when they asked the company about it, the owner, Ms. Cherry Cua will just ask them to wait for the release of the Salary.

So Raffy talked to the company’s lawyer Atty. Gabor to check what they can do to fiz the problem. Atty. Gabor said that his client just informed him of the situation and he already advised her to fix resolved the said issue.

Raffy was not satisfied with the answer of the lawyer pushed him more and asked him what kind of resolution they are to put on the incident.

Gabor said that they will be paying these drivers and workers and they will also fix the benefits for these people.

Raffy asked when will it happened, that is the time Gabor stuttered and cannot provide any specific date.

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Gabor said that he will talk to his client so that they can pay the workers the soonest possible time. Raffy insisted that they should be paid when they drop by on the office.

This time Venezuela talked to Gabor and asked to relay a question to Ms. Cua. The question is: can the company still pay them?

Raffy then but in and said that the solution would be a general meeting with DOLE inspectors.

watch it here:

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