WATCH: Kumpaniyang tumatakbo sa gastusin ng trabahanteng naaksidente sa trabaho, nasermonan ni Idol Raffy

Nobody wants to be involved in an accident, every day we pray for our own safety especially when we are away from our family to work. But sadly, accidents could not be avoided so the least that we could do is seek medical attention for our fast recovery.

But not all of us have enough money and access to medical facilities, that is why it is only legal for companies to shoulder their employees’ medical expenses especially when the accident happened while at work.

Just like what happened to trailer truck driver Rowel Andrada who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about his employer who no longer wants to shoulder his medical expenses after being involved in a vehicular accident while performing his job.


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According to Rowel, the accident happened last January 2018 while he was driving a delivery truck for his work, the accident caused him to have leg injury which hinders him from performing his job. Currently, he is still on his way to recovery and needs a further check-up and have the leg braces removed, but his employer Crest Forwarder Inc no longer wants to give him medical assistance saying he is already over-vale.

When the program called the company OIC Mike La Pera, he said that the company is very much willing to help and that they already spent almost P200,000 in Rowel’s hospital bill.

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But Tulfo argued that the company should pay Rowel’s medical expenses until he is fully healed.

They also contacted Labor Department Director Atty Benjo Benavides who confirmed that it is the company’s responsibility to shoulder the employees’ medical expenses especially if the accident happened during work hours.

Benavides also offered Rowel to be under DOLE’s Employee Compensation Commission where he will receive compensation while he is recovering.

Watch the full story below:



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