Watch: Raffy Tulfo, naging tulay para maisaoli ang daan-daan libong halaga ng salapi sa tamang may ari nito!

Honesty is the best policy. We can never go wrong with that.

And that is exactly what a taxi driver did to a bag full of cash that he found in his taxi.

The cash that was left to the taxi being driven by Antonio Ty Jr. is amounting to 350k pesos and his passenger was identified as Ludmilo Cortez.

Ty went to the office of Raffy Tulfo as early as 2 in the morning just to make sure that the money that he has is safe.

Raffy, of course, is happy because his program once again became an instrument to help other people.

He talked to Ty and asked him if he recognized the owner of the money. Ty answered yes and smiled.

He said that he remembers their conversation during their trip. In the middle of his explanation, his voice was suddenly shuttered and went teary-eyed.

Raffy asked why he was in tears. Ty said that it is because of fatigue because from his 24-hour duty he immediately went to their office. He has no sleep, or rest. He also added that he was so worried about the money that’s why he is restless the whole day.

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Raffy then asked Cortez some security questions to verify if he is really the one who owns the money.

Cortez describes everything to Raffy. He said that the money should 350k pesos and it is inside a paper bag which is also inside an eco-bag that has “ideal vision” on it.

The description was spot on. So Raffy was convinced that he is the real owner of the money.

Raffy then asked what happened, why he left such a big amount of money.  Cortez said that the money supposedly for a car downpayment for their family however when he reached his destination, he forgot to bring with him the bag.



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