WATCH: lalake, lumapit kay Raffy Tulfo para, makuha ang isinuporta niyang pera sa buntis na ka live-in pero hindi naman pala niya ito anak!

Sometimes, Raffy Tulfo is helping the family to fix a problem for them to be whole again. He even spends his own money just to make sure that some ex-lovers will reconcile and love each other again.

But there are also some instances that Raffy will help break a “family”. Especially if it started wrong.

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Junry Carolasan, the complainant seek the assistance of Raffy so that he could get his money back.

Junry said that his live-in partner Leni Dela Pena made him believe that the baby that she is carrying is his.

All this time, Junry is being fooled by Leni. and the mother of the baby knew from the very start that Junry is not the father.

Raffy asked Junry how did he find out –  he said that after the christening there were rumors about the real father of the baby. He said that somebody told him that there was a picture circulating online that there was another man carrying the baby.

After that information reached to the attention he immediately talks to Leni and asked to clarify the real score.

Leni did not mince her words and admitted to Junry that the baby that he was supporting all thru out is not his.

It was very painful Junry said but he already moved on and just wanted to get his money back.

Leni agreed to pay back whatever Junry spent to the baby.

However, there’s another problem. Junry signed the birth certificate of the baby making him the legal father of the child.

Now here’s the concern, even if they agreed verbally that Junry is not the father… years after that and if Leni decided to run after Junry just to get money, she can do that because legally he is still the father.

Raffy then called a law expert which said that the only way to solve the problem is via court decision.






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