WATCH: Kawawang kasambahay, tinulungan ni Raffy Tulfo na makaalis sa pinapasukang amo!

You don’t want Idol Raffy to get mad, do you? Well then do not abuse those who are helpless.

Veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo is also known as the ‘Sumbungan ng Bayan’ or the person to whom people tell their problems to – because he helps find solutions to these problems, no matter how difficult the problem might be.

Tulfo has helped more people since then. One of this is Janice Cañete, a young maid who is being forced by her employer to pay Php14,000 for an electric drill which she supposedly damaged while she fixed the kitchen sink.

Considering that Janice is a maid, not a carpenter or plumber, Tulfo pointed out to employer Guia Cabardo that it’s not her job to fix the sink. But the employer demands that Janice ask for forgiveness for damaging the drill, saying all she wanted was an apology but the maid still has to pay for the damages – rather confusing, isn’t it?

But the employer wasn’t finished saying her piece. She accused Janice of being a thief but the house helper belied the accusations, saying the employer was making things up.

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The young lady also said her employer claimed she has a record at the barangay for thieving from her and previous employers but when Tulfo called up the village chief, Brgy. Chairman Reynaldo Borromeo revealed that Janice holds no record at the barangay and Guia did not go there to file a complaint.

But the employer refused to back down, saying Janice still has to pay for the damages incurred on the electric drill.

So, Tulfo sought the assistance of the village chairman for Janice to be able to get her things back. Thankfully, Guia finally relented and brought the stuff to the barangay hall; however, she did not meet with Janice, claiming she does not want to feel stressed as she is pregnant. The employer no longer forced Janice to pay the Php14k for the damaged drill, thanks to Tulfo.



Watch it here:

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