WATCH: Pambubugbog ng demolition team sa isang kawawang vendor, huli sa camera!

Netizens outraged after a viral video of a street vendor being subjected to physical abuse by authorities went viral on social media.

According to the post of Facebook user Anthony Enriquez, at least ten to 15 members of deployed demolition team of the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) allegedly beat a fruit vendor stationed along the street.

In the 2-minute video clip, several men wearing blue uniform could be seen pulling a man in the middle of the street, the man who is only identified as a fruit vendor calmly selling his products using a push cart.

The abuse didn’t end there as according to Enriquez, the authorities also threw and scattered the vendor’s fruit products in the middle of the street.

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Other onlookers tried to meddle and help the poor vendor, but the members of the MTPB continued pulling him and subjecting him to physical abuse.

It is said that the vendor whose name was not disclosed was brought in the nearest hospital after the unfortunate incident.

Watch the videos and be the judge:

10-15 membro ng MTPB Manila demolition team , wlang awang pnagtulongang GNULPI , CNUNTOK , TNDYAKAN , HNILA at BNUGBOG ang aking asawa . d pa nkontento , tnapon at snabya ang aming mga pninda . GRABI kayo , utng po nmin ang aming puhunan sa pninda . dyan po kmi kmukuha ng araw – araw na pngangailangan at pntostos araw araw . paano n kmi mbuhay nito ?? dnala p nmin s hospital asawa ko dhil sa BUUGBOOG ng mga slvahing MTPB . mko sensya sna kayo , pki SHARE po pra mkita ito ng #MANILALGU at #RAFFYTULFOINACTION 😰😡😡😱 !!©️ j . garcia *

Posted by Anthony Enriquez on Friday, May 11, 2018

Posted by Anthony Enriquez on Friday, May 11, 2018



Netizens expressed disappointment and disgust over the attitude of the authorities while some argued that these vendors should learn how to abide the rules in order to avoid commotions like this. Read some of their comments below:









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