WATCH: lalakeng abusado sa asawa, nabisto ni Raffy Tulfo!

When you think everything is gonna be fine, then you ask for more then the result blasts in front of your face.

This is what happened to Raffy Tulfo’s complainant, DonDon Lipata. He is just asking for assistance so that he can get rid of “abusive” power tripper village watchman identified as Randot Paredes.

According to the complaint of Lipata, he was being bullied by Paredes. There was a time that he was verbally abused by him simply because of his barbecue stand’s smoke went to the location where Paredes is.

Lipata said that he was cursed multiple times by Paredes and even threatened to throw his small barbecue stand away.

Raffy called Paredes and asked him what happened. As usual, Paredes said that Lipata is the one who is notorious in their place.

The “he said, she said” type of conversation goes on and for the scene to stop, Raffy offered his own apologies to Paredes if ever his ego was dumped when catches some smoke from Lipata’s barbecue stand.

Paredes accepted the apologies so that the confrontation will not take long but Lipata is not yet done.

He said to Raffy that he was hurt with medico-legal and is not willing to forgive Paredes. He said that he was punched by Paredes in the side of his body resulting in minor physical injuries.

So Raffy then called the Captain of the village and asked him to assist Lipata for the possible cases and they will assist him in filing the appropriate charges.

However, everything went down the drain when Paredes threw a “bomb” that spell a disaster for Lipata.

Paredes said that Lipata is a known wife beater in their place and has several complaints against him.

Lipata tried to explain but the claim of Paredes was backed by their Village Captain.

So instead of having an assistance, Lipata is now like a poor dog going home. He even received curses from Raffy.

Watch it here:

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