WATCH: Mister, naglumuhod sa programa ni Raffy Tulfo para makipagbalikan sa asawa

There is no such thing as perfect marriage, every couple faces trials and challenges along the way and the most common difficulty a married couple faces is financial and infidelity problems, but a combination of both could lead to broken marriage and worse, broken family.

Husband Teofilo Dela Cruz bravely went to veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo’s program to plead his wide Paulina to fix their marriage for the sake of their family.

Teofilo admitted that it was him who first initiated the breakup and demanded Paulina who is a domestic helper in Hongkong to leave their house, but now, he regrets his decision and wants to have his wife back to be able to rebuild their family.

When the program contacted Paulina, it turned out that the problem started when she failed to give Teofilo a P60, 000 for a sound system amplifier that they will use for their business back home. Paulina got hurt as she just got back to the Philippines that time and Teofilo looked for the material thing first instead of spending time with her.

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Other previous problems and arguments of the couple were also brought up which shows how difficult it is to have a long distance relationship as the misunderstanding is often not discussed and resolved.

Teofilo pleaded to give their marriage another chance but Paulina refused and citing past instances of cheating, verbal abuse, and physical abuse among their children. In short, all problems were already piled up leading them to this kind of situation.


But Tulfo suggested the couple to underwent marriage counseling and give their marriage another chance.

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Watch the full story below:


Source: News 5

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