WATCH: French national na walang awang nambugbog ng kaniyang future biyenan, sinumbong sa Kilos Pronto

Sadly, violence against women is one of the most common social problems in the Philippines. Records from National Statistics Office show that one out of five Filipino women ages 15 to 49 has experienced physical violence as early as 15 years of age.

Despite the combined efforts of the government, social workers, and the media, violence against women still exists even up to this age and time where men and women are already deemed equal.

An elderly woman seeks the help of PTV 4’s public service program Kilos Pronto to complaint about the foreigner boyfriend of her daughter who heartlessly beat her.

According to Nanay Shirley Saguibal, on January 2018, her daughter Mellisa’s boyfriend Makeddem Chiboub who is a French national started living with them in their home at Muntinlupa City.

But just last April 18, Nanay Shirley and Melissa had a heated argument that leads for her to grab her daughter’s hair.


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When Makeddem saw her pulling Melissa’s hair, he immediately jumps in and beat Nanay Shirley without mercy which leads the poor old woman to gain facial injuries and bruises.

After the terrible incident, Melissa and Makeddem left the house as Nanay Shirley she was left wounded.

Nanay Shirley now wants to seek justice for what happened to and arrest the heartless boyfriend of her daughter who might still be in the country as his visa will expire on May 7, 2018.



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Watch the full story below:




Source: Bitag Media



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