WATCH: Babae, huli sa aktong pagtangay ng iPhone ni “bes”

Because of the numerous modus happening in all parts of the country, we can’t blame the public for having trust issues and have continuously doubted the spirit of humanity. Nowadays, culprits are scattered all over the place and you could no longer identify them as most of them are always dressed decently.

This leads us to only entrust our valuable stuff to our most trusted family, friends, and colleagues. However, it is not all the time that these trusted persons are actually reliable as some of them might end up betraying you for the sake of money of expensive stuff.

Just like what happened to Facebook user Christine Dapiton who shared how her trusted friend named Maria Angela Licayan betrayed her and stole her most precious iPhone 6 plus smartphone.


In her Facebook post, Dapiton expressed her disappointment and disgust over her now “ex-friend” for breaking her trust by stealing her iPhone 6 plus.

In the CCTV footage that Dapiton had secured, it could be seen that she and Licayan were seated beside each other. When Dapiton left her seat for a minute, Licayan could be seen taking the opportunity to ransack Dapiton’s bag and managed to swiftly transfer the iPhone 6 plus on her own bag.

When she finally got what she wants, she stayed in the same place for a while as if nothing happened, and eventually escaped the scene.

Watch how this thief disguised as friend performed her modus:

Ayan yung CCTV footage na binigay sakin ng Company. Walang hiya ka talaga ! Laki ng tiwala ko sayo kaya iniwan ko bag ko kasi wala sa itsura mo ang kayang gumawa na magnakaw ! Ang babaw lang kasi dahil lang sa IPHONE 6PLUS na yan sinira mo image mo Especially yung tiwala ko sayo ! Maling mali ka ng ninakawan INDAY! 😂

Posted by Christine Dapiton on Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Dapiton shared the CCTV footage along with Licayan’s photo on social media in the hopes to locate the culprit.


her post immediately went viral on social media gaining different reactions from netizens, ready some of their comments below:



Source: Facebook



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